september 25, 2009

Mexikaner dör som flugor

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Mexikaner dör som flugor när det försöker ta sig över till USA. De senaste åren har nämligen över 5000 människor dött när det har försökt att ta sig in till USA. Frågan är det värt att satsa sitt liv för att komma till det ”underbara” landet USA?

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  1. Here’s the deal.

    America is a sovereign country with it’s own immigration rules. America has been plagued by illegal immigration for years now, which brings it’s own downside. (High taxes, crime etc. Use Google if you want to learn more.)

    Of course America is going to be tightening up it’s borders, but the US is still not taking it seriously. Millions will still pour into the United States unless more drastic measures are put into place.

    And Mexico isn’t the only innocent party here. They’ve encouraged Mexicans to immigrate illegally to the US, so if America is responsible for the deaths of illegal Mexican immigrants, then Mexico has just as much blood on their own hands.

    Mexico isn’t some poor little country anymore. Mexican military forces have engaged the border patrol on several occasions killing border patrol agents. Drug cartels have killed border patrol agents and help bring drugs into the US country.

    Use Google to find the facts and insight from both sides.

    I’m American but live in Norway for the time being.

    Kommentar by Michael — september 25, 2009 @ 2:10 e m

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